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It’s a story about Murder. And It’s a story about family


It's a story about murder And it's a story about family

On November 17th, 2002, Ted Price hugged his mom and boarded a bus in Salt Lake City, Utah bound for Mesa, Arizona.  At forty years old, Ted was going back to school to start a new life.  He was slated to start school the Monday after Thanksgiving, and would be staying with his ex-girlfriend until his housing was ready at school.

His family never heard from him again.

This podcast will explore Ted’s murder and the far reaching effects it has had on everyone involved.

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Meet the People Behind the Production


Gary caught the acting bug early, in middle and high school. However, life intervened and he took a brief hiatus of 41 years while raising a family. Now he’s back and branching out into podcast production! Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, Gary surrounded himself with what you might call “men of ill repute,” and had his fair share of run-ins with the law. To say he deeply understands the criminal element would be an understatement. This experience makes him a perfect fit for a true crime podcast.


Mike for many years played an emergency physician in real life where trauma and drama were an everyday experience. Mike has taken up audio-video production. His works include both documentary and narrative filmmaking.



Darren is an L.A.-based TV producer who has been working in true crime for the last 12 years. His past credits include “People Magazine Investigates,” “In Pursuit with John Walsh,” and “Panic 9-1-1.” In addition to producing television, Darren is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker.

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Why You Should Listen To Our Podcast

We are relating detailed facts from our investigation and tell you when it’s conjecture. We don’t need to exaggerate the story. The truth will keep you spellbound. It’s not about solving the mystery; that’s been done. It’s over 20 years of the aftermath affecting all involved.

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